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US: Amazon, Hachette pricing feud intensifies

 |  August 11, 2014

Publishing giant Hachette Group released a statement Sunday in defense of its business practices, responding to accusations lodged by online retailer Amazon that Hachette unfairly inflates its eBooks prices.

”Hachette sets prices for our books entirely on our own, not in collusion with anyone,” the company said Sunday.

The letter, Hachette head Michael Pietsch said, will be sent to anyone contacting him regarding eBooks prices. Amazon had published Pietsch’s email in a notice that accused Hachette of fixing eBooks prices.

The pricing feud between the two companies began when Amazon was reported to deliberately delay deliveries of Hachette books. Amazon argues that it wants to set a price of $9.99 for most eBooks and is now negotiating with Hachette to lower the price of eBooks compared with physical ones.

Amazon is accused by some of unfairly using its market dominance to strong-arm Hachette into accepting certain contractual terms to ensure that eBooks prices are set a $9.99.

Hachette, in its letter, argues that not all eBooks should be set at that price.

Antitrust officials have not intervened in the dispute between the companies.

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