Trackin Maps Real-Time Restaurant Delivery

As mobile food orders continue to develop technologically — and in keeping with the prediction of Rocket Internet’s CEO regarding the growth of this industry in mobile commerce — restaurants are now looking to integrate order processing into assessments of its labor force and most efficient delivery routes thanks to new startup Trackin, according to TechCrunch.

Trackin is a computer software solution designed for restaurant managers to track the major elements of its delivery service from order to delivery. Customers’ orders can be placed through the online widget that is pinned to the restaurant, manually entered in if taken by telephone, or from third-party sources like GrubHub or Eat24, which was recently bought out by Yelp. A dashboard is provided to the restaurant so it can monitor its deliverymen on route to the customers’ locations, who will be equipped with mobile apps that track where they are, similar to an Uber experience, Trackin CEO Bruno Didier told TechCrunch writer Romain Dillet. Payments are handled either via Stripe at the address or on the restaurant’s website.

What sets Trackin apart is that the data sent back from deliverymen and the restaurant can be used to find out which places are the best delivery zones based on estimated time of arrival. Instead of the traditional method of using zip codes, using the new data technology provides a more accurate way of determining where to deliver. That data can also be used to provide insight for restaurants to determine if more labor is needed to meet ordering demand.

The restaurants that have signed up for the service are seeing the added analytics pay off. On average, revenues at participating restaurants, from small outfits to big chains, have increased 15 percent as a result of the service, which costs around $0.30 per delivery from a third-party source, or a 5 percent cut from orders placed via the Trackin widget.