Worldpay, CAN Capital Team Up to Boost SME Lending

Payments technology firm Worldpay announced Wednesday (Feb. 25) that it is strengthening its partnership with alternative lender CAN Capital to increase small business lending offerings.

The two revealed that merchants already working with Worldpay will now gain access to working capital through CAN Capital’s Merchant Cash Advance and Daily Remittance platform. The funds can land in company hands within three business days, CAN Capital said.

Worldpay said the new venture is part of the company’s efforts to expand beyond payment processing services.

“As the leaders in modern money, we are committed to providing our customers value beyond reliable payments processing, such as access to unique financial solutions they otherwise wouldn’t have,” Worldpay US Chief Marketing Officer Patti Newcomer said.

With the funds firms can access through CAN Capital, small businesses can more easily manage cash flow to purchase equipment and supplies, increase inventory and expand operations.

CAN Capital said it uses strategic risk analysis methods to issue funds to SMBs, including analysis of daily performance data and proprietary risk models. According to the lender’s Chief Marketing Officer James Mendelsohn, businesses have access to more than $4.7 billion in capital.

The company added that it is focused on speed as small businesses spend increasing amounts of time in search of funding instead of working to grow operations.

The new resource for capital from CAN Capital and Worldpay is the latest addition to options available for SMEs. Recent market analysis from Experian and Moody’s Analytics painted an optimistic portrait of small business lending in the most recent quarter, as SME repayment stabilizes and SME risk decreases.

While the rise of alternative lending has contributed to funding options for small and medium enterprises, better repayment records and lower risk mean big banks are getting back on board with small business lending, according to new Biz2Credit data.​