PayPal Goes In-Store With Vodafone Wallet Partnership


A new contactless payment method is making its way to European Vodafone customers through a new partnership.

Late last week, NFC World+ reported that Vodafone is teaming up with online payments provider PayPal to ensure Vodafone Wallet users will be able to make NFC-enabled payments at various retail locations, stores and restaurants.

The partnership brings a first to PayPal users as well, providing the ability to make contactless payments for goods and services at the point of sale.

“The agreement will enable millions of PayPal customers in Europe to opt to use the Vodafone Wallet to pay for goods and services at the point of sale using their phones with a Vodafone NFC SIM, currently supported by more than 70 Android smartphone models,” PayPal said.

Customers who have PayPal accounts will be able to integrate them within their Vodafone Wallets this year, while those without PayPal accounts can sign up for one directly within the Vodafone Wallet app.

“Customers will be able to see details of their transactions in the Vodafone Wallet app and through PayPal’s mobile app and website,” the company added. “Vodafone Wallet users can register and pay contactlessly using Visa and MasterCard payment cards or by using a prepaid card loaded with cash in advance.”