Facebook Users Can Now Purchase Some Fandango Movie Tickets From Their News Feed

Fandango, the online seller of movie tickets, is expanding the ways in which consumers purchase movie tickets, launching the ability to do it via Facebook.

According to a report by The New York Times, Fandango’s new service is the first for the U.S. Facebook users will be able to buy tickets to some movies without leaving their news feed on Facebook. The service initially will work with three movies: “The Magnificent Seven,” “Storks” and “Kevin Hart: What Now?”

“It’s not just about purchasing ease; it’s also about bringing along groups of people,” Fandango President Paul Yanover said in the report. “Hey, we’re going to see this movie. Why don’t you come along? Great. Boom. Done.”

According to the report, Facebook isn’t the only new place Fandango is selling movie tickets. Earlier this week, it started letting users of Apple’s iPhone messaging app buy tickets without leaving a text conversation. Anyone who has downloaded Apple’s new iOS 10 operating system can tap on a Fandango applet on the Messages page. The company said an interface designed for Snapchat is coming soon. The executive wouldn’t reveal more in the interview but did say there are even more initiatives in the works. “This is about Fandango appearing in these environments in an organic, natural way — the way people communicate with each other now, the way they actually discover, plan and buy,” Yanover said.

One of the competitors that Fandango is facing is startup Atom Tickets, which was incubated by Lionsgate and received funding from Disney and 21st Century Fox. The startup enables people to easily plan group outings with friends to the movies via the Atom app. Users can place concession stand pre-orders, as well as get discounts for less-popular movie times.