Ziptip Wants Your Valet to Accept Tips with PayPal

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3:34 PM EDT June 5th, 2012

How many times have you scrounged around for small bills to tip a doorman, valet or even a waiter for great service? Well, never again, at least that is Ziptip’s ambition. They have devised a scheme that uses a mobile phone, QR codes and PayPal to forever solve the “tipping” problem. But will it? Hear Ziptip co-founder Lois Hamblet explain why both those who tip and those who receive them will jump on their bandwagon.


Lois Hamblet
Co-Founder & CEO, Ziptip

Lois Hamblet is Co-founder and CEO of Ziptip, a company focused on solving the many problems of paying tips and gratuities. Ziptip solves these pain points using a patent pending method that uses smartphones and business cards (or any object displaying a unique Medallion Image).

An alumni of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hamblet served as a senior consultant auditing Silicon Valley tech companies. She also worked on corporate tax issues and returns.

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