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Adobe in Partnership Talks with OpenAI

 |  April 15, 2024

Adobe is launching a series of partnerships to incorporate third-party generative AI tools into its flagship product, Premiere Pro. The announcement, as covered by Reuters on Monday, signals the beginning of Adobe’s efforts to join forces with prominent AI players including OpenAI’s Sora, and startups Runway and Pika Labs, with the aim of integrating their cutting-edge AI tools directly into Premiere Pro, a key tool used globally in the television and film industries for its advanced editing capabilities.

Adobe expressed its hopes that the partnerships will lead to innovative features coming to Premiere Pro later this year. New capabilities would include automated scene enhancement with AI-generated objects and effortless removal of unwanted elements, a leap made possible by leveraging Adobe’s proprietary Firefly AI model, Initially used in Photoshop for still image editing.

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The decision to embrace third-party AI contributions reflects Adobe’s strategy to not only navigate the competitive landscape dominated by entities like OpenAI and Midjourney but also to address rising concerns from its investors.

However, this partnership faces challenges. Integrating external AI tools like OpenAI’s Sora, capable of generating realistic videos from text prompts, is still in the experimental stage for Adobe. The company is assessing the feasibility and timeline for making such tools available to the public.

Deepa Subramaniam, Adobe’s vice president of product marketing for creative professional apps, highlights the difficulty of establishing a sustainable revenue-sharing model with these third-party AI partners. This aspect of the partnership emphasizes the need for Adobe to strike a balance between innovation benefits and fair financial agreements that recognize the value contributed by external developers.

Source: Reuters