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Ex-SEC Crypto Regulation Expert Joins AnChain.AI

 |  October 31, 2022

AnChain.AI, the leading digital asset risk management and Web3 intelligence firm, today announced that Scott Walker, Chief Compliance Officer at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and former US Securities and Exchange Commission subject matter expert, has joined as a strategic advisor to the company.  

Walker will advise on the firm’s innovative Web3 risk monitoring technology.  AnChain.AI’s established leadership in smart contract intelligence and analytics is supporting the world’s leading financial regulators, and is poised to continue to enable the secure growth of the cryptocurrency, DeFi, and NFT ecosystem as it faces greater regulatory scrutiny.

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“Scott’s longstanding commitment to both the continued evolution of blockchain & Web3 technology as well as greater consumer protection is paramount to the long-term growth of the crypto ecosystem.  He brings invaluable expertise and insight to AnChain.AI as we drive further technological innovation across all facets of digital asset risk monitoring,” said Dr. Victor Fang, CEO and Co-founder of AnChain.AI.  “We believe that Web3 technology will continue to accelerate towards new frontiers, and Scott brings a proven track record of spearheading smart regulation in the face of this rapid evolution.”

A leading voice in both traditional and digital financial regulation, Walker brings a wealth of knowledge in balancing the rapid growth of the crypto market with deft regulatory policy.  Prior to his role as Chief Compliance Officer at a16z, he served as Senior Special Examiner and Counsel for Digital Assets & Blockchain Technology at the U.S. SEC.  During his time at the SEC, his expertise was at the forefront of crypto regulation, including the surveillance of crypto markets, and the engagement of entities offering digital asset services.  In addition to his work as a regulator, Walker served as Vice President & Counsel at BlackRock with a focus on hedge fund regulation, derivatives, and prime brokerage.