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UK Seeks To Separate Itself From EU Tech Regulations

 |  August 1, 2022

The British government has put forward proposals for the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI), a package it promises deviates from the European Union by being a less centralized approach. 

The new plans for regulating how AI is used, unveiled in a press release on 18 July, are meant to provide a consistent set of rules that “promote innovation in this groundbreaking technology and protect the public.”

The new AI paper published today outlines the government’s approach to regulating the technology in the UK, with proposed rules addressing future risks and opportunities so businesses are clear how they can develop and use AI systems and consumers are confident they are safe and robust.

The approach is based on six core principles that regulators must apply, with flexibility to implement these in ways that best meet the use of AI in their sectors.

The proposals focus on supporting growth and avoiding unnecessary barriers being placed on businesses. This could see businesses sharing information about how they test their AI’s reliability as well as following guidance set by UK regulators to ensure AI is safe and avoids unfair bias.