Google Assistant Makes Its Home In Nest Cam

A new update now allows the Nest Cam IQ Indoor to get support for Google Assistant.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Nest was back under Google’s control, making it easier to integrate Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, as well as Assistant, into future Nest products.

“All of Google’s investments in machine learning and AI, they can very clearly benefit Nest products. It just makes sense to be developing them together,” said Google’s hardware chief, Rick Osterloh. “It’s the natural thing to evolve to.”

According to TechCrunch, Google Assistant should work the same on the Nest Cam IQ as it does on any Google Home device – other than the fact that the Nest Cam IQ doesn’t have a big enough speaker to play music or make phone calls. Users can simply say “OK Google” and then ask their question.

Currently, this feature is only available for the Cam IQ Indoor. Nest also makes internet-based thermostats, smoke detectors and cameras that work with both Google and Amazon’s voice-activated virtual assistants.

The move to integrate Assistant into Nest’s products enables the company to compete with Amazon in the home automation device market. Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo devices are beating out Google’s voice-activated speaker.

One of the biggest goals for Nest is to utilize Google’s AI technology in future products. Within the next two years, Nest and Google will begin to develop products together. In addition, Google wants to offer bundled packages for both company’s devices, much like last year’s deal that matched Nest products worth over $100 with a free Google Home Mini.

Nest’s CEO, Marwan Fawaz, also revealed that customers might eventually be able to use their Google accounts with their Nest apps.