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Antitrust Developments in China

 |  March 14, 2016

14580008332This month, the Antitrust Chronicle® (AC) addresses recent developments on Single Firm/Unilateral conduct. A rich variety of articles from Europe, the U.S., India and Mexico illustrate the latest changes to the notion of anticompetitive effects under article 102 TFUE, the legal tests applicable in section 2 cases, enforcement rules in the energy and telecom sectors in Europe, and more. Single firm conducts have always been the most challenging cases for competition agencies and tribunals, especially so in jurisdictions with young competition regimes. Not only is there a lack of consensus on how to analyze these cases or what test to apply in order to determine a case of abuse, but the fast moving markets in industries such as telecom and the Internet also render it particularly difficult to ascertain when a conduct is perfectly legitimate and when it?s harming consumers.

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