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Antitrust Lawsuit Targets RTX’s Pratt & Whitney Canada

 |  May 14, 2024

Universal Turbine Parts LLC (UTP) has filed a hefty $150 million lawsuit against RTX’s Pratt & Whitney Canada unit, accusing them of anti-competitive behavior.

The lawsuit, filed in a Philadelphia federal court, alleges that Pratt is preventing competitors from accessing used PT6 and PW100 turboprop engines, essential components in the aviation industry.

UTP, a supplier of aftermarket aircraft engines and parts, claims that Pratt is violating U.S. competition laws by blocking UTP-approved “overhaul facilities” from supplying engines and parts to UTP and other market players. The lawsuit describes Pratt’s actions as a “multi-faceted scheme” of antitrust offenses.

With Pratt’s extensive production history of over 64,000 PT6 engines and 8,000 PW100 engines, the lawsuit highlights the significance of the dispute. Pratt’s alleged acquisition of used parts and engines at “non-economic prices” to hinder competitors is also under scrutiny.

Source: Reuters