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Consumer Group Reports Tesco To UK Regulator Over ‘Misleading’ Clubcard Prices

 |  June 11, 2023

Consumer watchdog Which? has reported Tesco to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) for allegedly not providing sufficient pricing information on its loyalty card promotions.

According to a report from Which?, Tesco’s decision to exclude unit pricing from its Clubcard Prices promotions may be considered a misleading practice under consumer protection regulations. The report highlighted that the absence of unit pricing can make it challenging for customers to compare and identify the most cost-effective product.

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Tesco was highlighted by Which? for a misleading pricing tactic. A 700g bottle of Heinz ketchup was priced at £3.90, or 55.7p per 100g. A Clubcard banner showed the same size bottle on offer at £3.50, but did not provide the unit price, which would be 50p per 100g. A 910g bottle of the same ketchup was priced at £3.99, or 43.8p per 100g, making it the cheapest option per 100g. Which? argues that some shoppers may wrongly assume the Clubcard option is the best value.

The CMA initiated an investigation into unit pricing earlier this year to assist consumers during the cost of living crisis. Recently, it has escalated its examination into food prices in response to allegations of potential profiteering by retailers and manufacturers during the inflation crisis.