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EU Regulators May Proceed Without Seeking Feedback on EEX-Nasdaq Remedies

 |  June 3, 2024

European Union antitrust regulators are reportedly leaning towards not soliciting feedback on the proposed remedies by Deutsche Boerse’s energy exchange unit, EEX, to secure approval for its acquisition of Nasdaq’s commodities clearing business. This move, as indicated by sources familiar with the matter, suggests a potentially smoother path for the deal’s approval.

The transaction, which has been under the scrutiny of the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm responsible for enforcing competition laws, is part of EEX’s strategy to expand its footprint in the energy clearing sector. The acquisition aims to integrate Nasdaq’s commodities clearing business, a key player in the market, under EEX’s umbrella, thereby enhancing its offerings and competitive edge in the industry.

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Typically, the European Commission seeks input from rivals and customers before making a final decision on such deals, especially when the parties involved propose remedies to address competition concerns. However, in this case, the decision to potentially bypass this step could indicate the Commission’s satisfaction with the remedies proposed by EEX, or a determination that the acquisition does not pose significant competition issues.

While the exact details of the proposed remedies have not been disclosed, the move by EU regulators not to seek further feedback could expedite the approval process, allowing EEX and Nasdaq to proceed with their plans without additional hurdles.

Source: Reuters