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EU To Meet On US Data Transfer Pact Next Month

 |  June 26, 2023

The European Commission plans to complete a new data transfer agreement with the United States by mid-July, according to a lawyer representing Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner, which serves as the primary regulator for many large technology companies in the bloc.

In March 2022, the European Union and United States reached an agreement on a new mechanism for transferring personal data of EU citizens to the U.S. This was necessary after previous data transfer frameworks were invalidated due to concerns regarding U.S. intelligence agencies accessing Europeans’ private data.

The two parties have been collaborating to work out the specifics. Catherine Donnelly, a lawyer for the DPC, stated that the Irish regulator is aware that the agreement will be presented to the College of Commissioners by mid-July.

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According to the Commission spokesperson, the framework is currently being finalized and is anticipated to be put into effect by summer.

The timing of the new deal has caught the attention of Dublin, as the DPC had previously directed Meta Platforms to stop transferring EU user data from Facebook to the United States.

The social media giant said it expects the new pact to be fully implemented before it has to suspend transfers. That would mean its previous warning that a stoppage could force it to suspend Facebook services in Europe would not come to pass.