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Turkish Watchdog Launches Investigation into Apple’s App Store Practices

 |  June 6, 2024

Turkey’s Competition Board announced on Thursday the initiation of an investigation into Apple’s contractual agreements with app developers and its refusal to permit alternative payment systems on the App Store. This probe is part of a broader review of mobile smart devices and related software, according to a statement released by the Board.

This investigation in Turkey adds to the growing list of legal challenges Apple faces globally concerning its App Store developer fees. These issues have drawn scrutiny from regulators and developers alike, who argue that Apple’s policies stifle competition and innovation.

In a related case, a British judge ruled in April that a $1 billion lawsuit against Apple, filed by 1,500 tech developers, could move forward. The lawsuit, spearheaded by economist and competition law professor Sean Ennis, was initially announced in July last year. Ennis contended that Apple’s commissions are “excessive” and are a product of the company’s monopoly over app distribution on iPhones and iPads.

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“The charges are unfair in their own right and constitute abusive pricing,” Ennis stated at the time. “They harm app developers and also app buyers.”

Apple, however, has defended its practices, noting that 85% of developers on its App Store do not pay any commission. The company also emphasized its role in helping European developers reach customers in 175 countries worldwide.

Source: Reuters