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Booksellers Group Seeks to Support FTC in Antitrust Case Against Amazon

 |  June 17, 2024

The American Booksellers Association (ABA), a trade group representing independent booksellers, is intensifying its efforts to intervene in the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) landmark antitrust lawsuit against Amazon. The ABA filed a notice to the Ninth Circuit late Friday, appealing a court order that denied its motion to become a party in the case.

The FTC’s action accuses Amazon of stifling competition, a charge that has garnered significant attention and concern from various sectors, including independent booksellers. The ABA contends that Amazon’s business practices have severely impacted small and independent bookstores, leading to a monopolistic market environment that undermines fair competition.

Judge John Chun of the US District Court for the Western District of Washington denied the ABA’s motion on June 3 without providing an explanation. Both the FTC and Amazon opposed the ABA’s motion, with the FTC arguing that the group’s claims would essentially create a whole new suit, complicating the existing case.

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In response to the court’s decision, the ABA is pursuing an appeal to ensure that the voices and concerns of independent booksellers are represented in the legal battle against Amazon. The group believes that its participation is crucial to highlight the broader implications of Amazon’s market dominance on small businesses and consumers.

The FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon marks a significant step in addressing antitrust concerns in the digital age, with potential consequences for how major tech companies operate.

Source: Bloomberg Law