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Google Asks Judge To Toss Epic, Match Antitrust Charges

 |  April 23, 2023

Google has requested that a US court dismiss several accusations made against them by Epic, Match, and US state attorneys general regarding the operation of their app store for Android phones.

Google has made a move to conclude its ongoing antitrust lawsuits by requesting the federal court in Washington to dismiss claims in a 2020 lawsuit filed by the Justice Department. Additionally, they have also filed a request in a Virginia federal court to discharge a complaint filed by the federal government this year.

According to a filing, the company stated that Google intends to defend the innovation behind Android during the trial. Additionally, the company mentioned that it has filed a motion to narrow the scope of the antitrust case trial.

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Google filed a court document on Thursday, requesting that five claims be dismissed in California’s federal court.

Google requested that the court dismiss allegations that it had violated the law by prohibiting the distribution of other app stores. Google argued that it was not legally obligated to include other app stores in Android, despite the fact that many Android phones come with multiple app stores pre-installed and others can be easily added.

The court was presented with a request to dismiss allegations regarding Project Hug, in which Google compensated game developers to keep their games exclusively on Google’s Play Store rather than making them available for free. Google argued that developers are not restricted from creating their own app stores.