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Klarna Reports That 87% of Employees Use GenAI For Their Daily Work

 |  June 3, 2024

By: LegalTech Blog

Nine out of ten Klarna employees (87%) now use Generative AI in their daily work. This widespread adoption includes non-technical teams such as Communications, Marketing, and Legal, with adoption rates of 93%, 88%, and 86% respectively. These numbers highlight AI’s versatility and its role in improving non-technical operations, giving Klarna a competitive edge.

This internal AI revolution is driven by Kiki, Klarna’s custom internal AI assistant. Since its launch in June 2023, Kiki has handled over 250,000 inquiries (2,000 per day), making it an essential tool for the company. Currently, 85% of Klarna employees use Kiki.

“We encourage everyone to experiment and explore,” said Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO and Co-Founder at Klarna. “As Klarna continues to find new uses for OpenAI’s technology, we have the potential to elevate our business. Our goal is to empower our employees, improving both their performance and the customer experience.”

Kiki, powered by OpenAI’s Large Language Models (LLMs), plays a key role in this AI investment. Answering 2,000 questions daily, Kiki helps manage and share internal knowledge, supporting Klarna’s culture of transparency and open information flow. It generates personalized answers within 1 to 5 seconds, making information easily accessible. For instance, the question ‘what is my team working on’ will have a tailored response for the individual asking.

Beyond retrieving information, Kiki promotes a self-service and autonomous culture, enabling employees to quickly find answers and resolve issues on their own. This not only increases productivity but also reduces time spent on administrative tasks, allowing Klarna employees to focus more on strategic and creative work…