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Microsoft’s Work to Strengthen Cybersecurity Protection

 |  July 5, 2024

By: Brad Smith (Microsoft On the Issues)

On Thursday, June 13, Microsoft Vice Chair and President Brad Smith testified before the House Homeland Security Committee about Microsoft’s cybersecurity practices. You can watch the hearing on C-Span.

In his written testimony, Brad Smith emphasized Microsoft’s crucial role in safeguarding America’s cybersecurity. He affirmed that Microsoft accepts responsibility for all issues cited in the CSRB’s report and highlighted the company’s commitment to setting a high standard for cybersecurity. Smith also outlined additional measures Microsoft is taking, including integrating cybersecurity into company-wide performance reviews to ensure accountability at all levels.

In his testimony, Mr. Smith expressed gratitude for the opportunity to discuss Microsoft’s cybersecurity efforts in response to the Cyber Safety Review Board’s (CSRB) report on the 2023 Microsoft Exchange Online cyber intrusion by Storm-0558, a group linked to the People’s Republic of China. He acknowledged the Committee’s crucial role in protecting U.S. homeland security, emphasizing the collective duty of cybersecurity across public and private sectors.

Smith accepted full responsibility for the issues cited in the CSRB’s report and committed to addressing every recommendation. The CSRB report includes 25 recommendations, 16 of which apply to Microsoft. Microsoft is taking action on all 16 recommendations, which include four specifically directed at the company and 12 addressed to all cloud service providers…