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Turkish Competition Authority Imposes Fine on Google for Local Search Services

 |  May 16, 2024

The Turkish Competition Authority has taken action against Google, announcing its decision to fine the tech giant for its failure to fulfill obligations regarding a segment of its local search services. The regulatory body declared on Thursday that Google will be penalized on a daily basis, amounting to five ten-thousandths of its 2023 revenues, until it aligns with the directives set forth by the competition board. This enforcement action, as reported by Reuters, has been effective since April 15.

The crux of the matter: Google’s oversight of local search services, particularly in the realm of hotel inquiries. Google’s previous attempts to address the competition authority’s concerns were deemed insufficient, prompting the imposition of fines. It is noteworthy that the regulatory board’s decision to fine Google daily underscores the seriousness with which it regards the company’s non-compliance.

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This move by the Competition Authority reflects its commitment to fostering fair competition and ensuring compliance with established regulations within the Turkish market. By linking the penalty fine directly to Google’s revenues, the Turkish authority aims to incentivize prompt action and compel the tech giant to swiftly rectify the identified shortcomings in its local search services, particularly regarding hotel inquiries.

Source: Reuters