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Google Asks Judge to End DOJ Antitrust Case Over Search-Engine Dominance

 |  April 13, 2023

On Thursday, a judge began considering Google’s arguments for dismissing the antitrust case regarding its search-engine dominance, rather than proceeding with the trial later this year.

Google has requested judgment in its favor in a 2020 civil lawsuit brought by the Justice Department and is also asking for a similar lawsuit brought by a bipartisan coalition of 38 state attorneys general to be dismissed. Both sides are presenting their arguments to US District Judge Amit Mehta, reported The Wall Street Journal. 

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Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet, has stated that individuals utilize its search engine due to its exceptional quality, rather than any anticompetitive agreements.

It is anticipated that Judge Mehta will not make a ruling from the bench on Thursday, with a written decision expected later in the spring or summer.

According to Rebecca Allensworth, a professor of antitrust law at Vanderbilt Law School, it is probable that the judge will not grant Google’s request to dismiss the case prior to trial.