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Google Faces Fines in Russia for Violating Antitrust Rules on YouTube

 |  May 12, 2024

Russia’s antitrust watchdog, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), has declared that Google, the US-based tech giant, is in violation of regulations pertaining to the suspension and blocking of accounts on its YouTube platform. As a consequence, Google faces imminent fines, pending the outcome of an administrative investigation.

In a statement issued on Thursday, February 10, the FAS expressed its intent to determine the extent of the fine, emphasizing that Google’s actions have not only infringed upon the rights of users but have also impeded fair competition within the market.

Google, responding to the allegations, asserted that it awaits the full disclosure of the decision before offering a detailed response. The statement, as reported by Reuters, reflects Google’s stance amid the unfolding legal proceedings in Russia.

This is not the first instance of Google encountering legal ramifications in Russia. Over the past year, the tech company has incurred several minor fines for its alleged failure to remove content deemed illicit by Moscow authorities. These penalties are perceived by critics as part of a broader initiative by Russian regulators to tighten control over the internet landscape.

The stakes were raised significantly last December when Russia imposed a hefty penalty of 7.2 billion rubles (equivalent to $97 million) on Google for its purported persistent negligence in removing prohibited content. Google, in response, has initiated an appeal against the ruling, signaling its resistance to the increasingly stringent regulatory environment in Russia.

Source: Voi Id