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Turkish Competition Authority Fines Google $14.85 Million Over Hotel Search Practices

 |  June 10, 2024

The Turkish Competition Authority has imposed a fine of approximately 482 million lira ($14.85 million) on Google. The fine, announced on Monday, arises from Google’s alleged failure to meet its obligations related to hotel searches, which the authority claims stifles fair competition.

The penalty is the latest in a series of actions by global regulatory bodies aiming to ensure fair market practices by large tech companies. According to the Turkish competition board that issued the fine, Google has not adequately addressed concerns regarding its practices in the local market, particularly in relation to how its search engine handles hotel search results.

“The fine was imposed due to Google’s failure to address the competition board’s concerns over fair competition with other local search engines,” the authority stated. This indicates ongoing dissatisfaction with how Google prioritizes its services over those of competitors, potentially disadvantaging local businesses and alternative search providers.

Google, which operates under the parent company Alphabet, has faced similar scrutiny and legal challenges across various jurisdictions worldwide. Regulators in the European Union and the United States have also levied significant fines on the company for various antitrust violations, reflecting a broader trend of increasing regulatory pressure on major tech firms.

This latest fine adds to the ongoing debate about the balance of power in digital markets and the role of regulatory bodies in maintaining competitive fairness.

Source: Reuters