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New York City Bans TikTok on Government Devices Citing Security Concerns

 |  August 20, 2023

In a significant move, New York City has officially prohibited the use of TikTok on government-owned devices, citing concerns regarding security. This decision aligns the city with several other municipalities and states across the United States that have already taken similar steps to impose restrictions on the popular short video-sharing platform.

TikTok, an application embraced by over 150 million Americans, finds itself at the center of an ongoing debate due to its ownership by the Chinese technology giant, ByteDance. Heightened anxieties over potential influence from the Chinese government have prompted an increasing number of U.S. legislators to advocate for a nationwide ban on the platform.

The statement issued by the administration of New York City Mayor Eric Adams asserted that TikTok presents a credible security risk to the city’s technological networks. This concern underscores the urgency of the decision to prohibit its use on government devices.

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Under the newly implemented policy, all New York City agencies are mandated to uninstall the TikTok application within a 30-day timeframe. Additionally, employees will no longer be able to access the app or its website using city-owned devices and networks. It’s important to note that this move echoes a prior decision made at the state level; New York State had already taken measures to ban TikTok on mobile devices issued by the state.

The decision by New York City to ban TikTok on government-owned devices adds to the growing wave of actions taken across the nation to address potential security risks associated with the platform. As discussions regarding the reach of foreign apps continue, the role of technology in national security remains at the forefront of policy considerations.

Source: Reuters