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Global Fraud Attack Index – Q4 2016

The Global Fraud Attack IndexTM, measures the rate of fraud attempts on U.S. online merchants and how that changes over time, and takes a closer look at the types, sources and geography of fraud attacks. The report also quantifies the potential cost to merchants, left unchecked, of these attempts based on attack amounts and how these amounts are trending over time.

Key Findings Include:

The rate of fraud attacks is up 62 percent from Q3 2015, and the rate rose by 39 percent between Q1 2016 and Q2 2016.

A$7.60 out of every $100 of sales is at risk across five different product categories, and about $12.1 out of $100 is at risk for luxury goods.

Botnets are booming – the rate of attacks featuring botnets rose by 47 percent Q3 2015 and Q2 2016, and increased by 87 percent during the same period for luxury goods.

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