Amazon Gives $8.62 Discount On Today’s Orders

Every now and then retailers give what Southerners call a lagniappe (an extra bonus or gift) to its customers.

Today, Amazon is doing just that by offering a $8.62 discount to all sales of $50 or more. The reason behind this generous offering is Amazon’s corporate reputation score of 86.27 from the annual Harris Poll. The poll surveys customers on categories including social responsibility, emotional appeal and workplace environment. This is the second straight year that Amazon has reached the top of this poll, and the company wanted a way to thank its customers.

Geekwire shared a quote from an internal email from Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, about the strength of the company’s team.

“These accolades are a direct result of this team’s obsession over customers, pioneering spirit, commitment to operational excellence and willingness to lean into bold bets. Kudos and congrats to the whole team!” Bezos said.

Anyone looking to take advantage of the $8.62 discount must enter the code BIGTHANKS when checking out items. The only limitations for this offer is that digital content, video games, Amazon Gift Cards or orders placed through Alexa, Prime Now or Amazon Restaurants are not included.

Offering up a discount like this to customers when something good happens to a company accomplishes two goals: It promotes the accomplishment and instills a sense of customer loyalty. While this isn’t the first time the eCommerce company has offered a discount to celebrate its successes, we’re sure it won’t be the last time.


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