Apple Card Officially Released In US

Apple Card Officially Released In U.S.

The Apple Card, a credit card created in partnership by the technology company, was officially released in the U.S. on Tuesday (Aug. 20), the company said in a release.

The company said the credit card is meant to help customers have a “healthier financial life,” and that interested customers can sign up for the card through the Wallet app on an iPhone. 

Apple said the process only takes minutes and that customers can start using the card immediately.

“Built on simplicity, transparency and privacy, Apple Card has no fees, encourages customers to pay less interest, offers an easy-to-understand view of spending and provides a new level of privacy and security,” Apple said.

The release follows an earlier preview which allowed for Apple store employees and a limited number of others to apply for the card. 

“We’re thrilled with the overwhelming interest in Apple Card and its positive reception,” said Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay. “Customers have told us they love Apple Card’s simplicity and how it gives them a better view of their spending.” 

Apple card offers a “Daily Cash” rewards program, which gives cardholders back 2 percent when they use the Apple Card with Apple Pay, and 3 percent on all Apple purchases, like the Apple or iTunes Store. The company is also extending the Daily Cash to other merchants and apps. 

Starting on Tuesday, customers who use the Apple Card with Apple Pay for Uber and Uber Eats will get 3 percent back. Apple said it will add more merchants in the months to come. 

Apple also has a titanium Apple Card, and customers who use that get 1 percent back on all purchases. 

The card fully utilizes iPhone capabilities, as customer support for it can be reached 24/7 by sending a text. The card also uses machine learning and Apple Maps to make sure transactions are clearly labeled by map and name in  the Wallet app, and it will also show customers a weekly and monthly spending summary.

Apple partnered with Goldman Sachs on the card, and it said the card offers unparalleled privacy and security. 

“The unique security and privacy architecture created for Apple Card means Apple does not know where a customer shopped, what they bought or how much they paid,” the company said.

Apple also partnered with Mastercard for the support of a global payments network.