Network International Enables 3DS2 Authentication for UAE Merchants


Network International has announced it is launching a new 3-D Secure 2 (3DS2) authentication solution in collaboration with Mastercard.

With the collaboration, 3DS2 authentication using Mastercard’s Smart Interface will now be made available for merchants in the UAE “and beyond” using the N-Genius™ Online payment gateway to process eCommerce transactions, according to a Wednesday (Nov. 2) press release.

“In an increasingly connected world, it is vital to continually drive innovation and partner to build and secure our digital ecosystem,” Mastercard UAE and Oman Country Manager Gina Petersen said in the press release. “We are delighted to join forces with our longstanding partners at Network International to launch 3-D Secure 2 authentication for merchants as we deliver an added layer of security while offering seamless payment experiences to consumers.”

In line with evolving global regulation and consumer preferences, payment companies are phasing out older authentication standards. For example, both Mastercard and Visa ended support for 3DS1 last month.

Besides enhanced security, 3DS2 is designed to deliver a more seamless checkout experience for eCommerce customers.

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When Visa first introduced 3DS, which stands for Three-Domain Secure, in 1999, eCommerce was in its infancy and online payments were still rare for many people.

The first generation of the protocol was designed for desktop browser authentication and relied largely on static passwords to identify cardholders.

These days, mobile-native authentication solutions and a host of other technologies like biometrics and behavioral analytics have been introduced into eCommerce payment authentication.

As a result, 3DS2 was developed to keep up with the evolving nature of online transactions and enable better, more frictionless authentication methods.

“As the region’s leading payment solution provider, we continue to enhance payment ecosystems by adopting best-in-class technologies in the markets we operate in,” Network International Group Managing Director – Acquiring Andrew Key said in the release. “Enabling 3DS2 across our e-commerce merchant network is part of our long-term commitment to creating a safer, seamless purchase experience for merchants and their consumers.”

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