LifeLock Launches New App To Help People Manage Credit Card Accounts

LifeLock, the identity theft protection company, launched Monday (Oct. 24) a mobile app aimed at enabling consumers to better manage their credit cards.

According to a report, the new mobile app, dubbed Identity, aims to give consumers one place where they can view all of their online accounts of different credit cards and update those accounts when there is new information, such as a new address or phone number. In order to use the app, customers have to log into their credit card accounts via the mobile LifeLock app or import their credentials from a browser or password manager, according to a report. When users need to update their information, they can enter it into the app, and it will update the information across all of the accounts the user selects.

The app can also identify which businesses have the user’s credit card information stored on their websites or information that is associated with their account. LifeLock said the app is a necessity because most people in the U.S. have multiple online accounts, making it a headache when the credit card number changes or they have a new address. That could result in missed payments, which could impact a consumer’s credit score. All of the information in the Identity app is stored locally on a consumer’s smartphone and not on a server or in the cloud. That enhances the security of the customer’s personal data, noted the report. Logins, passwords and the data itself are not stored. That may be welcome news to the half a million people who saw their accounts be comprised by the huge Yahoo data hack.