Healthy Competition Marks PYMNTS’ Latest Provider Rankings of Prescription Apps  

Prescription app, rankings, GoodRx

The healthcare system can be hard to navigate, but figuring out prescriptions doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why PYMNTS put together our Provider Rankings of Prescription Apps, to help our audience make the best choice around safety, care and convenience when it comes to their prescription treatment options. 

The Top 5

GoodRx takes the lead at the No.1 spot with 98.

No. 2 is not far behind, with SingleCare – Rx Coupons at 87.

Publix Pharmacy closes out our top 3 with 74.

With a score of 63, OptumRx lands at No. 4.

No. 5 is NimbleRx, scoring 54.

The Top 10

Express Scripts leads the second half of the list at No. 6 with 47.

One point behind at No. 7 is RxLocal at 46.

Following closely at No.8, we have Rite Aid Pharmacy with 45.

No.9 is RxSaver Prescription Discounts with 26.

To close out the top 10 is CVS Caremark with 23.