Video: Demo of HomeATM

HomeATM is an internet security and engineering firm focusing exclusively on end-to-end encrypted transactions from any Internet-connected device. HomeATM is not a processor. The company’s goal is to empower the Processor, the Gateway, the Service Provider, the ISO, the FI etc. to monitize the transaction.

On April 28th, 2009 HomeATM was voted, by the audience, to demonstrate its technology at the Finovate Startup2009 Exhibition at the University of California San Francisco.

The audience was principally comprised of executives, press, analysts, payment and security experts from companies such as PayPal, Amazon, Wells Fargo, Anz and many more of the respected entities in this sector.



How It Works

HomeATM’s patented solution, exclusively allows processors, gateways, payment service providers and merchants to accept PIN debit/bank card transactions in real time with the utmost security.

With a debit card a customer can go to any bank machine in the world to withdraw money from their account, or use it at a storefront to make a purchase instead of using cash.

Now with HomeATM, we are making it possible for customers to enjoy that same convenience of instantaneous access to their bank account with a debit card when making online purchases.

HomeATM is like having access to an ATM bank machine in the comfort of your own home. It was developed to give online consumers even more flexibility in making payments over the Internet.

The device is small, lightweight and easy to use. The end user simply needs to plug in the device to the USB port found on their PC or laptop. When checking out from a website the user will be prompted to ‘swipe’ their card through the device and enter in their personal identification number (PIN). Once the PIN is successfully entered the money is removed from the customer’s account and transferred to the merchant’s in real time just like if they were taking out money from a bank machine or making a purchase with their bank card at a store.

Once provided with their unique device a customer can shop at any participating websites and pay by sending a direct cash payment using their debit card in real time.

Plug and Pay! The 2 ounce device plugs directly into the USB port of a computer and requires no further installation or software. When customers checkout from your site, they are automatically prompted to swipe their card and enter their PIN on the device.

Credit Card Transactions

HomeATM’s Safe-T-PIN is fully capable of completing credit card transactions. The device captures complete Track2 data which is fully encrypted prior to entering the users PC and internet environment -this technology exceeds current PCI requisites and government guidlines.

This solution will reduce fraud and translate to preferred interchange.


For more info on HomeATM, visit their Website.