Beautiful Pair: Biometrics and Magstripes

Each Wednesday, profiles a different top executive from the leading companies in payment innovation.

Name: Jonathan Ramaci

Title: CEO & Founder

Company: iCache

What I’m working on now…Bringing the iCache Digital Wallet and iCache Ecosystem to the Worldwide Market

My crowning achievement is…Professionally, bringing together a wonderful team of people to bring an amazing product to market.

Education…Educated at The Citadel and MIT (and daily by reading!

When I’m not working, I like to…Spend time with family, travel and enjoy great wines and cooking.

My favorite payment factor is…Seashells, closely followed by anything that is in an analog form and can be digitized onto the iCache Digital Wallet!

I think the next big thing in payments is…The consolidation, protection and digitization of the connected wallet. At iCache, we have made this form factor and ecosystem a reality.

Cash is…an exchange of value that will always be around – whether in the form of seashells, coins, paper or bits.

Checks are…paper representing paper – expensive to process and makes declining sense as means of value exchange in a digital age.

NFC is…built around a technology looking for a problem to solve rather than providing a solution to an existing problem.

Consumers still do not understand the value (if there is one). Merchants have not seen enough value to buy the terminals. And the real proof – myspell checker does not even know about “contactless” and continually flags it as an error!

EMV is…is an interesting platform and a step in the right direction. I am not sure where it is headed but do feel it has meaning. Certainly something to watch evolve (hence its inclusion in the iCache Digital Wallet).

P2P is…be an exchange of bits representing value.

My mentor is/ I’ve learned from my mentor… I have been fortunate to learn many things directly & indirectly from many people. It would be difficult to pick one over another and is a continual process.


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