Center for Financial Services Innovation Advocates for an Exclusion from Interchange Rules for Prepaid Cards

Jun 17, 2010, 4:39pm

The Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) issued a statement today on the specific language in the Financial Regulatory Reform bill that would regulate interchange fees, recommending prepaid cards – including government benefits cards, general purpose prepaid cards, payroll cards – be exempt from the fee determination set by the Federal Reserve Board under this bill.

In letters to Chairmen Frank and Dodd, CFSI states that the prepaid cards and, more importantly, the underbanked consumers using these products would be substantially harmed if the products were subject to interchange fee limits. The product structure, which makes them a viable option for consumers to use and for providers to offer, distinguishes them from other debit card products.

“An explicit fee limit on interchange will effectively prevent millions of low- and moderate-income households from accessing prepaid cards,” said Melissa Koide, CFSI Policy Director. “This product continues to be an important tool to enable underbanked families to access the financial mainstream.”

To read the complete letter, visit CFSI’s website:

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