Debit 101: Exam

For the conclusion of this course section, as will be the case for every course, we’ve developed a short quiz to see what –if anything—we all have learned from the lecture, debates, blogs, shouting matches, and outside reading in which we’ve engaged over the past week. A hearty thanks to all of you for 1) registering for this course, 2) sticking with the class throughout the lessons, and 3) contributing to the debate. Your reward now is…that you get to take a test?

Breathe deep – it’s all multiple choice with one brief essay question.  Please resist that urge from your SAT- memories to choose “C” for every answer. We’ll tell you right here that there are no wrong answers – the only wrong answer here is not taking the quiz at all. So please take a minute and share your perspective (ANONYMOUSLY) on the following questions with the rest of the class. Again, this is a test of your perspective on the topic we’ve just reviewed, not a test of how well you remember what the lecturer thought about an issue. We’ll post the final results (COLLECTIVELY and ANONYMOUSLY) for everyone to review. And remember, that highly coveted PYMNTS U diploma awaits you at the end of the year.

Once again, this is the quiz for Durbin Debit 101. If you thought you were about to take a biology lab practical, get up and leave now. You’re in the wrong classroom. Your course is the one way down the hall.

OK. Pencils out. BEGIN.

Good Luck~!

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