MasterCard’s Priceless Perks- A Home Run for Baseball Fans

In response to MasterCard’s announcement of Priceless Perks, Cheryl Guerin, Senior Vice President, Global Digital Marketing at MasterCard Worldwide dives deeper into the details.

Tell us a little bit about the new card offer for baseball fans.
Priceless Perks is an online portal that offers MasterCard cardholders and MLB fans special offers and exclusive savings. Through the site, cardholders can receive 20 percent off MLB Shop merchandise purchased with a MasterCard card and on subscriptions to MLB.TV, which broadcasts MLB games in HD. Baseball fans can also request SMS messages alerting them to deals on upcoming tickets and can possibly receive complimentary tickets through MasterCard Sweet Seats. Fans will also find a Priceless Pieces section on the site where they can bid on exclusive memorabilia from their favorite teams and players.
How does this add value to your issuers and their existing card programs?
More than ever, consumers are looking for card products and programs tailored to their personal preferences and interests. They want products and programs that help them express their individuality, offer support for their favorite causes or organizations and also reward them for their loyalty. Priceless Perks provides an unparalleled purchasing experience for MasterCard cardholders. By enabling issuers to offer their customers exclusive MLB savings and access to ultimate experiences, and a unique way to personalize their card experience, Priceless Perks gives issuers a way to build loyalty with their favorite teams and increase satisfaction among existing MasterCard cardholders. It also gives customers another reason to use their MasterCard card, helping to build revenue for issuers.
What is your digital and social marketing strategy to drive demand on the consumer side – and how do you coordinate this effort with the banks that issue the card?
The changes in technology over the past several years have changed the way we communicate with all consumers, and we’ve adapted our approach to utilize new platforms to forge stronger relationships with them. To drive consumer demand, we’ll often run promotions and giveaways through Facebook ( <> ) and Twitter (@MasterCard <> ). We’ll also share news about new offers, programs, news and events to help raise awareness of the consumer benefits of MasterCard products over our competitors.
Priceless Perks is a branding that seems broader than baseball, why did you start with baseball and where will we find Priceless Perks next?
Our “Priceless” campaign was launched with a TV commercial featuring a father and son at a baseball game and since then, our official sponsorship of the MLB has helped establish and grow that platform. For now, the Priceless Perks branding is exclusive to MLB Priceless Perks. The “Priceless” campaign is a universal theme that appeals to and resonates with consumers around the world. It represents global human value, and is emotional, attached to logical intrinsic value and focuses on what matters most – the intangible experiences that cannot be purchased.


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