Mobile 305 (elective. Mobile 205 and Debit 201 recommended): Emerging Markets Mobile Prepaid

In this class we will discuss how a combination of mobile distribution, remote services access, underbanked consumers, and a favorable regulatory environment may create a unique opportunity for mobile payments in key growth markets. We will also review how this opportunity may exist in some key segments of developed markets, especially as the deposit access landscape changes.

Mobile 305 Lesson 1: Emerging Markets Mobile Prepaid Landscape


There may be no bigger question for the coming decade than “who will bring electronic financial services to the next billion consumers?”  A host of organizations are lining up to support that effort. (Read More)

Mobile 305 Lesson 2: Emerging Markets Mobile Prepaid Evolution


But how best to reach consumers in the inner cities and remote villages of emerging markets when the reach of banking infrastructure and the financial services they deliver is so limited? (Read More)

Mobile 305 Lesson 3: Emerging Markets Mobile Prepaid Implications


In our final section on emerging markets mobile payments, we will take a brief glance into the looking glass to see what the future might hold for global consumer payments in the context of a confluence of strong forces. (Read More)


Mobile 305: Exam


Quiz time is here again. This time we’re testing your view of how the next one billion consumers will enter the marketplace for electronic financial services and payments. (Take Quiz)



Mobile 305: Exam Results


As before, we’re reporting the results out to the group — a measure of what everyone is thinking. Thanks for signing up and taking the quiz. (View Results)