The Future of Decoupled Debit Cards, Post Financial Reform

In this exclusive NEXTcast interview, David Evans sits down with President and CEO of the National Payment Card Association, Joe Randazza.

The National Payment Card Association was established in 2004 as a private label program that allows merchants to issue their own debit cards without having the Visa/MasterCard rules or without having to have to assume the associated costs. NPCA is currently the only independent, non-bank, financial related company in the market place issuing and processing debit cards.

Joe is one of the pioneers in introducing decoupled ACH-based debit cards and has agreed to share his perspective on how the swipe fee reform legislation will affect the debit card business.



Executive Bio: Joe R. Randazza (JR) is the CEO/President. JR devotes his full-time efforts and attention to the development and operation of the business. For the last 28 years, Mr. Randazza, 54, has been an entrepreneur engaging in several new business strategies based on identifying emerging market opportunities or replacement technologies. In the mid 80s he was active in the employment agency industry and helped develop one of the first database retrieval systems for resumes and a voice-processing system that created an audio employment application in response to a recruitment ad in a newspaper. He began marketing this voice processing system to the newspaper industry in the 90’s as a value-added sale to classified recruitment advertising. Thereafter, Mr. Randazza became one of the founders of the 900-number Voice Personals Industry, as a senior executive and Director of ICN, a leading interactive telecommunications service bureau with annual retail sales in excess of $200 million. Mr. Randazza also served as the President and Director of two of ICN’s subsidiaries – Direct Response Marketing, a company engaged in providing voice processing services to the newspaper industry with annual revenues in excess of $10 million, and Newspaper Voice Services, doing business as “Datemaker,” a company engaged in providing voice processing services to the newspaper industry with annual revenues in excess of $23 million. The two companies serviced over 600 newspapers in 600 cities.

Mr. Randazza has been founder and President of Secure Access Portals (the exclusive US distributor of Alluser Industrie), an Italian-based manufacturer of high security interlocking door entrance systems.

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