Will These Payments Predictions Come True in 2011?

As we look back on another year, 2010 brought with it some famous and infamous innovations in payments. We have packed away the party hats and cleaned up the confetti, it’s now time to turn to the coming 362 days of 2011. With so much uncertainty around regulations and speculations, let the predictions begin! ”¬

Question: ”ªWhat’s in store for 2011?”¬

Here’s a sampling of the answers from PYMNTS readers received thus far. Jump in and join the conversation below. Best wishes for a happy, healthy new year from everyone here at PYMNTS.com!


“I like NFC for U.S. + Europe + Asia in 2011 — not to be pervasive, but at it’s inflection point. As I type that, I realize it needs a new name… sounds too nerdy as contactless or NFC, or god forbid, RFID. Technical hurdles are gone, and horizontal players are coming in. Welcome to the fray Google, Apple and ISIS (speaking of needing a new name :-) ” – Dion Lisle


“In the U.S., next year will bring lots of noise, pontifications, partnership announcements, press releases and a multitude of tests. But any meaningful usage volume won’t happen until after 1/1/12 or later. Next year will likely come and go without an in-market product or service from ISIS, and ISIS is in the best position to set the standard given the 70%+ market share of its three founding mobile operators.” – David Schropfer


“As 2011 predictions go, I say… don’t write off the check. Keeping it green, the paperless check — having all the properties of its papered forefather — will emerge to retain its dominant role in our payment system.” – Ty Hardison


“There will be explosive growth for P2P payment services offered by financial institutions.” – John Lovelett


“I think we’ll start using a mobile phone instead of cash, check and cards for P2P Payments in developed countries!” – Sebastien Burlet


Mobile coming to the fore and becoming an instrument for financial inclusion, especially in the developing world.” – Sambit


“Operators will shut down shared PSMS codes.” – Ron Hirson


– All the card issuers who haven’t completed DDA will be busy seeking waivers from Visa and MasterCard. 

– UK Banks will be scurrying to get the Olympic 2012 cards issued.

– Manufacturers will be extolling the benefits of contactless but no one will listen.

– Chip consultant technicals and marketing paparazzi will be inundating us with NFC and mobile payments being the next big thing and spend, spend, spend.

– And the United States will be constantly thinking up reasons not to go Chip and PIN.

Just like 2010.” – Steve

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