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Three U.S. States To Probe eBay Cyberattack In Response To Citizen Complaints

It has been a long week at eBay. Connecticut, Florida and Illinois are initiating  joint probe over the circumstances that lead eBay to announce earlier this week that customers needed to change their passwords due to an unspecified security risk that was detected in the system. New York has not joined the investigation, though Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has requested eBay provide free credit monitoring for everyone affected, reports NBC News.

The investigation will focus on four  main areas: eBay's measures for securing personal data, the circumstances that led to the breach, how many users were affected and the what the company's response was. This investigation will be concurrent with the federal examination of Target and like breaches. 
"There is definitely a climate shift," Jamie Court, president of the consumer advocacy group Consumer Watchdog told NBC. "The departure of the Target CEO over the problem signals inside the board room and in the halls of government that these are betrayals of customers and that they won't be tolerated." 

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