Oro Upgrades B2B eCommerce Tool For Faster Ordering, Checkout

Balance Rolls Out Digital Checkout System For B2B eCommerce

Oro has announced that the latest iteration of its B2B software platform, OroCommerce, will be faster, easier to use and easier to develop for than previous versions of the software, according to a press release.

The West Hollywood, California, company said in the release that it is planning demonstrations in March.

“Driven by our embrace of open-source technology and feedback from our global community of users, OroCommerce 4.2 represents an important step forward for B2B digital commerce,” Oro Chief Technology Officer Dima Soroka said in the release.

According to the release improvements include “a revamped shopping list interface allowing B2B buyers to compile, review and place large orders with complex configurations. The streamlined ordering and checkout process also boosts back-office efficiency and productivity for manufacturers and distributors, allowing staff to quickly respond to RFQs and manage customer orders.”

Oro maintained in the release that the changes will make OroCommerce “faster than ever, with significant gains in browser loading and processing speeds, allowing everyone from site managers to end-users to easily manage shopping lists featuring thousands of items.”

In a change from the past, customers will be able to manage multiple websites with a single instance of OroCommerce and preview changes for individual sites, according to the release. Another new feature is to offer sites tailored to customers based on a variety of factors, including their location.

The update will let the software produce storefronts providing “full compliance” with legally mandated web-accessibility requirements, the release stated. The new software will be easier to work with for developers of application programming interfaces (APIs) that will connect with it.

Even during pandemic-related shutdowns, the B2B eCommerce space has been growing quickly, industry insiders have told PYMNTS.