Walmart Marketplace Launches New-Seller Savings

Walmart Marketplace

Walmart has unveiled New-Seller Savings, a limited-time Walmart Marketplace promotion that’s exclusive to new sellers, according to a Monday (April 4) company blog post.

Walmart eCommerce has seen “tremendous growth in the past two years, and for sellers, big and small, looking to join a curated marketplace that focuses on trust, transparency and fairness there has never been a better time to start selling on,” the post says.

Sellers who join Walmart Marketplace by May 31 and start selling on by June 30 will get a 50% discount on commission rates for the first 90 days, according to the blog post. Walmart has also extended its Walmart Fulfillment Services Intro Offer incentive for sellers who want to access Walmart’s low-cost fulfillment option.

Approved sellers that enroll in WFS and complete the setup process and inbound one item to Walmart’s fulfillment center by June 30 earn 90 days of free storage and a 10% discount on fulfillment fees.

“Walmart Marketplace is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the United States,” the blog post says. “Selling on gains you access to millions of monthly visitors who have become loyal customers.

The blob post adds that Walmart Marketplace “offers zero monthly setup fees, and sellers can grow their business with Walmart using our ecosystem of innovative solutions like Walmart Fulfillment Services and Walmart Connect.”

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Last week, Walmart announced Walmart Connect, a three-pronged advertising arm to link its customer base with a roster of brands looking for new ways and places to connect.

Rich Lehrfeld, senior vice president and general manager of Walmart Connect, said the ad unit’s mission is to help brands and sellers connect with its customers during their shopping journeys, whether that’s happening in-store or online, by either helping them to find the product they’re looking for, or to introduce them to something they’ve never purchased or known about.