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Transaction Services and Silverflow Collaborate on Customer Payments Management

Transaction Services, a leader in payment processing, has partnered with Silverflow, a cloud-based payment processing platform, to enhance the management of customer payments, the companies announced Thursday (Oct. 19).

The partnership aims to provide current and new clients with more capabilities and efficiency in payment solutions for acquirers, merchants, and customers.

According to Scott Martin, CEO of Transaction Services, the partnership with Silverflow will bring benefits such as quicker implementations and integrations, greater data insights and expanded global processing capabilities.

“By partnering with Silverflow, our customers will enjoy quicker implementations and integrations, even greater data insights, and expanded global processing capabilities. Most importantly, we share a mutual commitment to best-in-class customer service and support,” Martin said in the partnership announcement.

Anne Willem De Vries, CEO and co-founder of Silverflow, expressed excitement about the partnership, especially in helping U.S. merchants gain more control over their payments. Silverflow’s advanced functionality, such as push-to-cards payments and easy reconciliation, along with insights into interchange and scheme fees, will enable TRX to offer innovative payment solutions in the U.S. market.

Silverflow’s cloud-based acquirer processing platform utilizes the power of AWS cloud infrastructure, allowing businesses to effortlessly expand their global presence. The technology simplifies the process of launching new acquiring territories and provides easy access to worldwide transaction processing through a single application programming interface (API). TRX, in collaboration with a leading U.S.-acquiring bank, will leverage Silverflow’s API to power a wide range of merchant transactions, including card-not-present, card-present, POS, softPOS, and mobile POS.

Transaction Services, with headquarters in Atlanta and offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, has many decades of experience in payment processing. Its core platform is designed to be technologically efficient and secure, handling all aspects of the payments cycle. TRX provides quick insights into transaction activity through their reporting dashboard and other tools.

Silverflow, on the other hand, is a cloud-native payment processing platform that offers a single API to the card networks. Their solution is designed to meet the needs of today’s payments and future innovations. By reducing cost and complexity, Silverflow enables businesses to innovate and access data-rich payment processing.