Dunkin’ Tests Multi-Tender Loyalty Program


To give members of its rewards program more options to earn points, Dunkin’ is experimenting with multi-tender participation in its DD Perks Rewards Program at over 1,000 stores. Through the offering, customers will be able to earn points regardless of how they make a payment, the company said in an announcement.

In the past, members of DD Perks members could receive points by paying with a gift card from the coffee quick-service chain. Now, at the pilot locations, diners can earn points whether they use credit, debit, Dunkin’ gift card or cash. To accumulate points, customers scan their DD Perks loyalty ID quick-response (QR) code before making a payment at the restaurants.

Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso said of the move, “The new DD perks loyalty program is a smart move by Dunkin’ because it doesn’t alienate customers that don’t have a bank or mobile phone. Today consumers want loyalty programs that seamlessly fit their current lifestyle and habits, so it’s important for brands to understand their customers and build their program accordingly.” Caporaso continued, “Dunkin’ clearly recognized an opportunity to expand payment options, and by being more inclusive to all customers Dunkin’ is set up to drive loyalty across its entire customer base.”

The move by Dunkin’ comes as Starbucks is revamping its rewards program and launching new options. With the changes, diners can redeem 25 stars for a dairy substitute, espresso shot or additional flavor. They can also use 50 stars for a brewed hot coffee, hot tea or bakery item, or 150 stars for a parfait, hot breakfast or handcrafted drink. In another case, they can redeem 200 stars for a protein salad, box or lunch sandwich.

Alternatively, they can get select merchandise or at-home coffee for 400 stars. At the same time, diners who link their loyalty membership to a Starbucks Rewards Visa credit card or a prepaid card will not have to worry about points that expire. As it stands, gold points expire six months after the calendar month in which they were earned. Green and gold tiers will be removed, too, with the changes.