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Bright Spots In Retail Rent And Restaurants Amid The Pandemic

Bright Spots In Retail Rent And Restaurants

Mall owners are reporting a slight uptick in retail rent payments as the coronavirus crisis enters its fourth month. Two new earnings reports show that more than half of retailers are paying their rent, with a few exceptions. And in restaurants, it seems that carhops are now making a comeback, unexpectedly fueled by a global pandemic that has made social distancing the rule of the day and has reduced enthusiasm for indoor spaces. All this, Today in Data.


3.5K: Approximate number of Sonic Drive-In locations.

1975: The year McDonald’s started adding drive-through windows.

104: Number of mid-Atlantic retail properties that Federal Realty Trust owns and operates.

52%: Share of April rent collected by Retail Properties of America as of April 30.

54%: Approximate share of May rents that Federal Realty Trust has collected to date.