Travel App Provider Ranking Welcomes a New Visitor Into the Top 10


There’s some changing of rooms but just one new visitor in this month’s edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Travel Apps. 

Ten competitors have extended their stay in the Top 10, while one new visitor has dropped by — occupying a space left vacant due to two contenders with a tie score sharing a spot elsewhere in the ranking. 

Among the top attractions in this month’s ranking are a returning champion with a score of 100, a few competitors that have switched rooms since last time and the mover and shaker that has joined the Top 10 after adding eight points to its score. 

The Top 5 

Occupying the penthouse in this month’s ranking is As it did last month, this app has reserved this room at the top of the building with a perfect score of 100. 

Just two points behind is Airbnb. This app books another stay in the runner-up spot with a score of 98. 

At the third spot in the ranking, there’s a tie between two contenders that have earned a score of 95. Vrbo was here last month, too, while Hopper has landed here after losing five points from its score and falling two levels. 

Four points behind them is Skyscanner. This app is ranked fourth, as it was last time, with a score of 91. 

There’s another long-term resident at No. 5, as holds onto this spot with a score of 86. 

The Top 10 

There’s a change in sixth place, though, as has gained one position since last time with a score of 79. 

Bumped out of that spot, but just one point behind, is KAYAK. This app has achieved a score of 78. 

Next up in this closely bunched group of competitors is AllTrails. With a score of 76, which is three points higher than last time, this app has climbed one level in the rankings and now rests at No. 8. 

Stepping down from that spot, but just two points away, is TripAdvisor. This app has earned a score of 74. 

In the next spot, there’s a new visitor as Viator Tours & Activities joins the Top 10. With a score of 72, which is eight points higher than last time, this mover and shaker is ranked 10th and closes out this month’s edition of the Provider Ranking of Travel Apps. We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay!