Amazon: Devices Sold Like Gangbusters This Weekend

ECommerce giant Amazon said it had its best holiday weekend in its corporate history, as measured by sales of devices. The firm said that millions of pieces of hardware were sold across the weekend, beginning with Thanksgiving and continuing into Cyber Monday.

As reported by Investor’s Business Daily, the firm said that the Echo Dot, the Fire Tablet and the Amazon Echo were the best-selling goods across any manufacturer available on its website. The sales figures were not specified by the firm, just general trends across those devices. The total sales were more than double last year, and in terms of larger data, retailers sold $3.4 billion online on Cyber Monday alone, up 12 percent from last year, while Black Friday saw $3.3 billion in sales within the United States, up 21.6 percent year over year.

Even as online sales rose, RetailNext reported that foot traffic-related sales fell 5 percent year over year, with a 7.9 percent decline in transactions. 

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