Amazon To Add Dash Button To Website, Mobile App

Amazon’s Dash Button, the tool that lets Prime members reorder products at the push of a button, has been added to its website and mobile app.

According to a report, with the Dash Button, customers can order reoccurring staples, like laundry detergent, diapers and razors, with one click. By adding it to the website and mobile app, Amazon is upping the convenience factor for shoppers. The report noted that Amazon said customers of Prime can create a virtual Dash Button on millions of products that are eligible for Prime. It will also create Dash Buttons for products customers purchase at a frequent rate.

The announcement on the part of Amazon comes at a time when Prime is doing well in the U.S. During the holidays, in the U.S., Amazon set records in terms of sales of its Echo and with Prime. During the holidays, Amazon said more than 1 billion items were shipped around the world with Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon, with more people around the globe trying Amazon Prime this year compared to any of the years past. Amazon said the fastest Prime Now delivery happened on Christmas Eve and took 13 minutes to be delivered to a Prime member in Redondo Beach, Calif. Amazon said Dec. 23 was the biggest day in Amazon’s history for Prime Now deliveries worldwide, with Prime members ordering three times more items compared to a year ago with one- and two-hour delivery.

Earlier this month, it tapped Jamil Ghani, Target’s SVP of strategy and innovation, to head up the Amazon Prime membership business outside of the U.S. For Amazon, the move underscores the growing importance of Prime outside the U.S., given analysts are predicting Prime in the U.S. will slow during the course of the next few years. The report noted that analysts estimate close to half of all households in the U.S. subscribe to Prime. As a result, Amazon has been expanding the Prime service, announcing the launch of Prime in India and in China.



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