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Want An Unlocked iPhone 6? Try T-Mobile

While in the past users that wanted a totally unlocked iPhone had the option of buying a contract-free unsubsidized iPhone right offer the company’s website, it seems this time around the buying direct from Apple only assures the buyer contract-free. An unlocked phone will work with any compatible carrier, instead of being limited to one carrier’s language.

Good news, it seems, comes in the form of the T-Mobile out of the box unlocked iPhone 6.  That feature is contingent on paying upfront for the phone, those on the installment plan would have to wait until the plan is paid off to have the wholly unlocked version, according to reports. . .

There has been some confusion about the T-Mobile offering, since in the past the contract free edition has been directly marketed as also unlocked.  However, user reports indicate that the contract free model is working unlocked out of the box for T Mobile customers.

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