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Sunrate Adds Apple Pay to Payment and Treasury Management Platform

Sunrate has added Apple Pay to its global payment and treasury management platform.

This new option offers the company’s commercial credit card customers a safer, more secure and private way to pay, Sunrate said in a Sunday (April 4) press release.

“More and more businesses seek out for the same degree of convenience and security that they enjoy in their everyday personal transactions — therefore, even though we are known to be a global B2B payment platform, we’re thrilled to bring Apple Pay to our customers,” Qincheng Wang, head of product at Sunrate, said in the release.

With this addition, customers can make contactless in-store payments with their iPhone or Apple Watch, as well as in-app and online purchases with their iPhone, iPad or Mac, according to the release. They can do so quickly, conveniently, and with the security and privacy provided by Apple Pay.

This new offering joins the Sunrate platform that enables companies to operate and scale both locally and globally in more than 190 countries and regions, the release said.

The firm’s commercial cards allow its customers to settle card spends in more than 15 currencies; customize card limits, expiration dates and other key parameters; and generate real-time transaction statements, per the release.

“Ever since Sunrate started issuing commercial cards, it has been all-hands-on-deck to expand our offerings and bring even more features to our customers — the support of Apple Pay is part of Sunrate’s global vision to drive B2B digitalization for businesses worldwide,” Wang said in the release.

In an earlier addition to the platform, Sunrate said in June 2023 that it partnered with Visa to boost its cross-border payment offerings, enabling Sunrate customers to send and receive money directly to eligible Visa debit and prepaid cards.

Earlier in 2023, Sunrate debuted a Visa virtual commercial card as part of its online travel solution.

In November 2022, Sunrate said it would integrate its online travel solution with Agoda’s digital travel booking platform. In that collaboration, Sunrate’s travel solution, which includes virtual card issuance, helps online travel agencies set spending limits, define usage and choose vendors.